iSys Modbus IoT Edge Device

What is iSys Edge iOT Edge Device?

Powerful Modbus RS485 WiFi SIM Based Data Logging

iSys Edge Smart IoT Edge device is used for variety of Data Logging.

iSys Edge is smart and cost effective device. IoT Edge device can perform database data logging without expansive cable network and internet modems.

iSys Edge can do Data logging over RS232, RS422, RS485, Modbus or Ethernet. Data logging can be done as text/csv files. Files can later be exported for management information system.

Trend charting is also generated with integrated servers over intranet or internet. Smart chart reflects live and up to date information.

iSys IoT Edge device is equipped with WiFi, RS485 and SIM capability therefore it supports wide variety of devices. Most importantly it can also work single-handedly in remote areas where company network is unavailable.