Dealing With Your Child’s Addiction to Gadgets

What is GadgetCandy ?

Smart IoT device to control Child Gadget Addiction While technology is progressing to help mankind but in the process we are damaging our future generations. More and more kids are getting addicted to excessive use of electronic gadgets. Some are good and easy knowledge interface for kids but uncontrolled use is causing mental and physical sickness. It is causing a medical condition which is very dangerous for kids. We at IndyaSys Technologies have realised this to design and developed a product called GadgetCandy to discourage successive use of gadgets. This approach is equipped with social aspects among families to encourage kids not to use gadgets. GadgetCandy is a physical electronic device which monitors use of Gadgets. IT has smart sensors to calculate for how long the gadget was used. It has a algorithm by which it allocates Candy to the kids based on usage hours of the gadget. More candies will be allotted to this kids for lesser usage. These candies are redeemable by kids for any other things they may want to get from their parents.